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Disaster Recovery Planning and Assistance from PODS Rhode Island

What began as an innovative moving and storage service has evolved into a disaster recovery solution for government, social service agencies, businesses and homeowners.

The PODS Rapid Response Team was formed to protect and salvage the possessions of citizens ravaged by storm or disaster. Pre-event or post-event, PODS containers can be used to transport food, water and medical supplies to impacted areas or as a storage container for household items and assets of homeowners and businesses.

Safe and secure. PODS containers can be stored onsite, conditions permitting, or at one of our nearby PODS secure Storage Centers. You have the only key to your PODS container. Your belongings are safe and protected.

Rapid deployment into impacted areas. PODS can respond promptly to the needs of residents, businesses and government entities. PODS containers can also be staged in advance of a disaster to increase response times.

Competent, trained drivers. Our drivers are specially trained to handle emergency road and delivery conditions.

Rugged and weather resistant. PODS containers are made of steel frame construction with a water-resistant seal and can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour when partially filled.

For a more detailed proposal on how PODS can support your disaster recovery initiatives contact us.

Moving & Storage, Solved.